Emotions Speak Louder than Words and Your Website Must Have Them


First ever smart reaction and re-engagement tool to connect with your audience emotions, engage them better and leave a long-lasting impression

What do you think influences us the most when we try to express ourselves in speech? Well, the emotion that is filled within us in any precise moment! What we speak is what we feel out of a particular emotion. Where words fail to express, a single emotion says it all.

The facial expression of people from different parts of the world is the same pertaining to a particular expression but, how an emotion is triggered may differ. What is so important about these emotions that we can’t stop talking about them? Do they have any importance in our lives? The way you project your emotions and how you react to a particular situation help others understand how you are as a person. Thus, these emotions are the sole manufacturers of who we actually are!

Early formulations of the concept of Emotional Intelligence came up in 1989 and from then on with the increasing years, the scope of our emotions and the concept of Emotional Intelligence have been taking new folds. Today we live in a world where our abilities are measured by our EQ (Emotional Quotient) rather than IQ.

Even if emotion is one of the most significant things in our lives, there are very limited ways available on the internet to express our emotions seamlessly. Take, for example – one key activity on the internet – News Reading – All of us read a variety of news and story on the different website. Reading news always induces some emotions in us depending on the context of the story. But when it comes to expressing those emotions we either rely on comments (which is dead, by the way) or some kind of soulless method that our audience are never able to connect with.

What is the most seamless way to let readers express with their emotions on the story and engage them based on their current mood, rather than some soulless metrics?

There are some platform like Buzzfeed and Facebook, who has adopted a more dynamic and practical approach to let the audience express with the variety of emotions and more platforms are following the lead considering the wide acceptance of emotion-based reactions from their audience.

Emotify provides a more open and standard solution to integrate emotions that works across platforms, is easy to set up and manage anywhere and cater to the specific needs of online content platforms.

Why use Emotify

  • What is the best way to express your emotions after reading a piece of news or story?
  • How to let your readers/visitors seamlessly express their emotions right after they finish reading?
  • How to engage your readers/visitors based on their current mood, rather than some soulless metric?
  • What is the emotional impact of your website and stories on your visitors/readers?

We have spent ages looking for the right answers of these questions. With Emotify we are trying to answer these questions, probably the best way possible 🙂

To talk a bit about underlying tech, Emotify uses sentiment analysis and machine learning. We have also developed our custom algorithm For Emotion Mapping to power the reaction widget and re-engagement. 

Powerful features you will fall in love with

Emotify works best with all kinds of text content and thus is most useful for web publishers, news website and bloggers. It has three key product components to capture audience reaction, mood based story suggestions and powerful emotion analytics.

Smart on-page reaction tool

Emotify provides you with the best on-page reaction tool that enables your audience to express their emotions. This reaction widget further provides a varied classification where you can find customized reactions for a piece of content.

While the classic reactions reflect the static set of reactions similar to Facebook Reactions, the smart reactions are something you’d find interesting as these set of human reactions are added to the widget with the help of smart machine learning and emotion mapping algorithms. The reaction widget also has a box for text reaction, so that your audience can always leave you a comment when they wish to express more aboy their emotion in words!

Mood-Based Re-engagement

One of the key goals of a blogs or websites is to engage their visitors with the content. Emotify suggests the stories based on the current mood of the reader thus providing the highest range of personalization that would help in engaging your audience for a longer time on the content on your blog or website. The smart machine learning algorithms suggest stories to every single user based on their current reaction to a particular story. It increases the visibility of the content on your website.

Powerful Emotion Analytics

Emotify provides you with a comprehensive analytics dashboard with audience emotion insights. story-specific insights such as reaction distribution and re-engagements of the readers that will help in calculating the emotional impact. These analytics are quite similar to that of Google analytics providing all the information related to the reactions and emotions expressed after they finish reading the content on your blog or website.


Easy to Setup & Manage

Emotify is available for all major publishing platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost. We also provide universal setup code that can be used pretty much anywhere to integrate Emotify. You can add and manage multiple websites on a single dashboard and invite your team to collaborate better.


Advantages of using Emotify 

Connect with your audience like never before and explore untapped potential of your website.

  • Connect with your audience emotions – Emotify is the most human way of connecting with your audience and a way to leave a long lasting impression.
  • Personalize your audience experience – Emotify adds personalization to your website and makes it way more interesting, interactive and engaging for your audience.
  • Measure emotional impact of your websiteYou’ve always been wondering about the impact of your website on your audience emotions. Now measure it for real.
  • Improve website metrics with better engagement – Emotify engages your website visitors for longer period of time and boosts page views, content visibility, audience interaction and read time.

We are sure Emotify will help you make a long-lasting impression on your users. What are you waiting for? Sign up and add Emotify on your website for free.

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